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10 Facts About the Cubs You Should Know if You Live in Chicago

The Cubs are currently #1 in the MLB standings, with 18 wins and only 6 losses. We figured it’s the perfect time to share some trivia about this team who plays just miles from some of our urgent care centers in the city.

10 facts about the Cubs you should know if you live in Chicago on baseball stadium seating

How many of these 10 Chicago Cubs facts did you know? (Be honest!)  Share more with us on Twitter or Facebook!

  1. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series title in 100 years but are Vegas favorites to win it this year.
  2. The Cubs have only won two World Series titles, and they won them in back-to-back years in 1907 and 1908.
  3. Rumor has it the Cubs haven’t won a game in so long because of the curse of the goat. A fan tried to bring a goat to the game ~100 years ago, and they didn’t let him in, so he put a curse on the Cubs that they’d never win another World Series.
  4. If a ball lands in the iconic ivy outfield wall and gets stuck, the batter is awarded a ground-rule double.
  5. The Cubs have Hall of Famers at every position.
  6. Both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox originated from the same “Chicago White Stockings” baseball club team from 1870.
  7. If you see a big W flag hoisted over Wrigley Field it means the Cubs won at home.
  8. Wrigley Field was originally called Weeghman Stadium after its builder, Charles Weeghman. It was then called Cubs Park for 6 short years before finally settling on Wrigley Field in 1927.
  9. Wrigley Field was the last MLB Park to get lights installed, in 1988. That means the Cubs only played day games at home before 1988.
  10. Legendary shortstop and first baseman for the Cubs, Ernie Banks is nicknamed “Mr. Cub” because of his skill on the field and enthusiasm for the game and city of Chicago. He also is the first player whose number the Cubs retired, #14.

We hope all our Chicago neighbors are able to make it out to a home game or two and watch this incredible season.  Who knows, it may be the year the curse of the goat is lifted and the Cubs secure a third World Series!

As always, if you need us, we have multiple urgent care centers throughout Chicago to help you get better and get back to what matters.

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