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5 Common Basketball Injuries Can Be Treated at an Urgent Care

In the spirit of the end of the basketball season and an exciting NBA finals between Golden State and the Cleveland Cavaliers, we wanted to remind basketball fans and players of the types of basketball injuries that can be treated at an urgent care.  MedSpring treats most non-life, limb or vision threatening injuries.  We have digital x-ray equipment available on-site so injuries can be examined quickly to see if bones are broken or if it’s a strain or sprain.

5 Basketball Injuries you can Treat at Urgent Care

  1. Sprained ankle
  2. According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, almost 42% of basketball injuries happen to the ankle or foot – a sprain is certainly one of those common injuries.  Whether you landed wrong after a jump shot or pivoted on your ankle awkwardly, feel free to walk into any MedSpring center to get it checked out and obtain a treatment plan to get back to the court quickly.

  3. General muscle pain
  4. Basketball is a rigorous sport and sometimes causes your body to ache after only a few games.  If you develop discomfort that you would like evaluated, don’t hesitate to visit a center to be evaluated.  Our physicians can also advise you of how to prevent further injuries and still enjoy the game!

  5. Injured fingers
  6. Catching a ball wrong can cause a finger jam or other finger injury.  These injuries are some of the more painful and common basketball injuries.  If you have swelling or pain in your finger, it’s important to see a doctor immediately.  A crooked finger could mean the finger is broken and it’s important to have the finger examined as soon as possible.

  7. Facial cuts
  8. During competitive basketball games, an accidental hand to the face can occur.  If you experience a facial injury, or cut, it’s important that you visit a doctor promptly.

  9. Head injuries
  10. In the heat of the game, a head injury can occur.  If it is not significant, visit an urgent care center for a medical evaluation.  If the head injury is accompanied by vomiting, vision impairment, or loss of balance or consciousness, immediately seek treatment at an ER – these signs can indicate a more serious condition.

We hope everyone’s enjoying the end of the basketball season.  If you’re out there playing ball, remember we’re here for you during those after-hours or weekend games.  Have fun and stay safe!

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