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5 Gifts to Encourage Health and Wellness in 2019

With 2018 drawing to a close, you might be thinking about gifts for your loved ones. There’s really no better way to say you care for someone than helping them find self-care and wellness. Below we’ve compiled five gift ideas to do just that.  

  1. A nice water bottle to encourage staying hydrated like a Yeti tumbler, Swell water bottle, or a Hydro Flask.  From helping fight off illness, to keeping your skin looking fresh, water has so many benefits! Many experts also recommend drinking more water for weight loss as it’ll help fill you up before meals.
  2. A new workout outfit or accessory. There’s not much that inspires people to get out and sweat than a new workout outfit or fitness gadget.  Gadgets you might explore include: a running belt that holds your phone and keys, a sweatband headband (good for women AND men), or a workout bag. You might also get tech-y and explore wireless headphones, a fitness watch, or a heart rate monitor.
  3. A subscription or gift card to a meal service like Hello Fresh, grocery pickup, or prepared health store like Snap Kitchen.  You could even look into a local option for a produce delivery! Most studies show cooking and eating at home (typically) means healthier meals and fewer calories consumed.
  4. A gift card to a workout like ClassPass.  ClassPass is a flexible option because it allows your recipient to choose from an array of workout studios – from yoga, to kickboxing, to barre, and more!
  5. A service at a local spa. Men and women alike can enjoy the zen of a relaxing spa waiting room, whether that’s waiting for a massage, facial, body wrap, or a pedicure.

Do you have other wellness gift ideas? Share them with us on Twitter @Medspring! We’d love to hear.  And, have a happy and healthy 2019!

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