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5 Quick Ways to Burn 150 Calories… At Work

Did you know that a whopping 80% of Americans do not get their weekly recommended amount of exercise? It’s no wonder though – full-time U.S. employees spend more time in the office than others in the world’s biggest economies. Physical inactivity can cause a range of health problems from heart disease and type 2 diabetes to obesity. So, in the spirit of American ingenuity and the American worker, we’ve put together 5 quick exercises you can do to get more active and burn 150 calories over the course of your workday.

(Do all 5 and you’ll burn an extra 750 calories)

burn 150 calories at work

  1. Walk for 40 minutes at lunch

    You don’t even need to change clothes! Put on more comfortable walking shoes, head out solo or with your work best friend and spend your lunch break walking at about a medium-brisk pace. As an added bonus, walks are shown to boost energy levels!

  2. Do 11 minutes worth of squats

    A 150-pound person will burn just over 150 calories doing squats for 11 minutes.  Split the squats up every couple of hours so you can do them in smaller intervals. If you feel awkward doing this in your work cube, make a point to do the squats in a private conference room, the restroom, stairwell or outside!

  3. Walk up the stairs about 6-8 times

    A 180-pound person can burn about 18 calories from just 2 minutes of walking up stairs. Anytime you need to use the restroom, choose to go to a different floor and you’ll be well on your way to burning those extra calories! (To calculate the exact number of minutes you need to walk up the stairs, use this handy tool.

  4. Stand at your desk

    Standing burns between 20 – 50 more calories per hour than sitting because you tend to fidget, use your muscles, and engage your core. Consider buying a standing desk and you’ll work off more than 150 calories a day.

  5. Do 5 sets of renegade rows

    To perform a renegade row, get in plank position and have 2 staplers (or something else with weight) in your hands.  Lift the stapler by bending one arm up toward your armpit, then place it back down. Switch sides. Do this 5 times for 1 minute, and you’ve burned 75 calories! To burn the other 75 calories, do 5 sets of 15 push-ups.

    Consider adding the renegade rows and push-ups to your lunch-time walk. The walk may now last an extra 15 -20 minutes, but you’ve knocked out 300 calories!

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