Best Flu Memes – 2018/19 Edition

While the flu and seasonal sickness is no joke, we like to take a light hearted approach to encourage our patients to get their annual flu shot (it’s not too late!), see a doctor when sick, and avoid public places when you’re ill.  Here’s some of our favorite flu and sick memes for this year:

Success kid meme

You, too, can be the success kid if you get your flu shot. It takes a couple weeks to build up the antibodies to prevent the flu, so get the flu shot as soon as you can. It is a myth that you can get the flu FROM the flu shot, but it’s true that the shot does not prevent every strain of the flu virus. It can drastically reduce symptoms, however.

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Office Space meme

Does anyone else feel like the flu season lasts for-EVER? You can see flu seasonality on this chart here, but typically flu season lasts well into March.

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Oprah “everyone gets the flu!” meme

It can be hard to predict exactly when the flu season will hit; some years it begins early and other years it may strike later.  One thing many people lament is that once someone gets the flu, it seems like it’s everywhere!

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I ate a vegetable once meme

If only vegetables could prevent the flu…

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Too hot, too cold meme

The hot-cold-cold-hot uncomfort of being sick is no joke.  Remember to see a doctor anytime you’re worried about your symptoms.

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A little horse meme

A good pun can help even the the worst days when you’re stuck in bed.

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If you are battling flu-like symptoms, remember MedSpring is open every day, from 8am until 8pm to help get you back to better. Walk in or check-in online!

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