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Concussion Management Service Now Offered at MedSpring Urgent Care

MedSpring is excited to announce concussion management services at select urgent care centers across the country.  Because concussions are possible in most sports, even non-contact sports like soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and cheerleading, it’s important to be aware of where and how to get concussion testing, so you or your athlete can safely return to play or learn.

After much evaluation, MedSpring chose ClearEdge as the tool to monitor patients after a suspected concussion.  With ClearEdge, patients have access to a portal where they can see all their data related to the concussion testing and see how it compares against a baseline set of data.  After testing and compiling data through ClearEdge, MedSpring providers will review that data with you to create a complete picture of the concussion.

Recovery from a concussion is specific to each person based on a number of factors like one’s medical history and history of prior concussions, which is why it’s important to have a unique recovery plan.  The concussion management program at MedSpring creates an individualized concussion plan to ensure each individual recovers and heals fully before returning to play or returning to learn.

Prior to the launch of ClearEdge at MedSpring urgent care centers, there really weren’t concussion services easily accessible to patients in our communities; so, we’re thrilled and proud to be able to offer this service to make sure all our patients’ brains heal fully after a brain injury.

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Video Transcription:

Often people think of concussion as something that just happens to people in contact sports, like football.   But actually, we need to think about it with other athletic activities such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, cheerleading.  All these are activities where people sustain mild traumatic brain injuries through collisions.

We’re very proud to be partnering with ClearEdge. We spent a lot of time evaluating the different tools that were available for monitoring a patient after a concussion.  The ClearEdge testing results are really phenomenal because they are the patient’s.  And, the patient is able to login to the ClearEdge portal and look at their own data.  We certainly review it with every patient, and the tracking progress using what are called radar graphs. They’re circular graphs where we’ll see the progress of the athlete with the data set tracking around the perimeter.  When somebody has an area where they’re having difficulty, you’ll see where that has pulled away from the normal data or the baseline data.

The recovery from a concussion is very unique and individual to each person.  And that’s why it’s so important to have an individual plan designed for you or your child.  It can be complicated based on the severity of the concussion, how many concussions a person has had in the past, and medical conditions that may complicate the recovery.  Our program is designed to make an individualized concussion recovery plan that involves the return to play and return to learn activities that is designed for you or your child to make sure they heal properly and fully before they reengage in activities.

I’m extremely proud of our new concussion management program that we’ll be launching in our urgent care centers.  It’s providing a service that wasn’t readily available to patients in our communities using the best, most up-to-date tools to take care of patients who really have been underserved over time.  This is going to give them access to leading-edge technology and protocols to make sure their brain heals fully after a head injury.

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