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The Love-Hate Relationship between Spring & Allergies as Told Through Memes

While your city may not have the flower blooms and sunny skies typical of spring season yet, it’s here; the first official day of spring was March 20th. That also means that spring allergies have arrived.

To acknowledge the inconvenience allergies cause many of our patients along with the love so many have of this season, here’s a few spring allergy memes that help show what spring allergies are like.

1. How everyone feels about spring vs. how I feel about spring meme

how everyone feels about spring vs how i feel about spring allergies meme

Those who suffer allergies are all too familiar with the sniffly nose and itchy eyes that come along with the beauty and sunshine of spring.  It can be hard to fully enjoy spring when allergies are making us feel a little lousy.   You can share this meme with friends who just don’t get why you don’t want to eat outside in May.

2. Spring (winter) is coming Game of Thrones meme

allergy season is coming game of thrones meme

Some of us may be living in states where it doesn’t really seem like spring is in the air quite yet (and allergies are still relatively tame…), but just get ready because allergy season is coming.

3.The grumpy cat “I hate these plants” meme

i hate these plants grumpy cat meme

Although grumpy cat hates everything, for those who suffer springtime allergies, it’s easy to understand why he hates plants and the outdoors.

4. The allergy sneeze face meme

the face you make before you sneeze meme

Ah..ah..ah…choo! Have you ever made this face before an allergy-sneeze-attack?  Share it with your fellow allergy sufferers and give them a laugh.

5. The not-sure-if-sick-or-if-I-have-allergies meme

not sure if sick or have terrible allergies meme

One of the unfortunate aspects of having allergies is that many of the symptoms are similar to that of a common cold or the flu.  Go see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, especially if you think you may indeed be sick.

6. Sound of Music allergies meme

sound of music allergies meme

In the spring, you may feel a bit like Maria from the Sound of Music who sees beauty everywhere in the Alps; however, instead of beauty you see, you feel allergies everywhere.

7. When you can finally breathe through your nostrils after a bad allergy season

i could breath through my nose today allergy meme

Breathing through your nose easily: such a good feeling.  The majority of allergy sufferers can appreciate the wonderful feeling of clearing up your nose.  Share if you have that feeling!

All funny memes aside, if you’re suffering from allergies and need relief, our friendly staff is here to help you get back to better.  Visit us at MedSpring Urgent Care!

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