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Rise and Shine with MedSpring: New Hours 8am to 8pm

MedSpring New Hours 8am to 8pm
Does the early bird really catch the worm? Indeed it does, especially now that MedSpring will be open an hour earlier! Starting September 4th all MedSpring locations will be open every day from 8am to 8pm.

Will you still be able to get in and out in under an hour? You bet!

Will there still be awesome free amenities like Wi-Fi and those yummy goldfish crackers! Heck yeah!

The only thing that’s changed is now you’ll have extra time to pick up a cup of coffee or grab breakfast before making your way in. To celebrate our big switch, we’ve put together a short list honoring all the early risers and aspiring early birds out there.

Top 3 Reasons We Should All Be Early Birds

  1. Get Better Sleep

  2. ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,’ is a well-known folk saying by Benjamin Franklin, but it’s true! Sleep experts have found that you will have a more restful night’s sleep if you go to bed early and wake up early because your body will be more in-tune with the Earth’s circadian rhythm.

  3. Be More Likely to Workout

  4. Early birds are more likely to find time in their day to work out than their night owl counterparts, who are more prone to a sedentary lifestyle. Research has shown that regular workouts provide energy, boost your mood and overall fitness level and help you develop deeper sleep cycles.

  5. Be More Optimistic and Proactive

Sleeping in late is connected with higher rates of depression, according to a 2013 German study. By contrast, early risers tend to be more optimistic and happier and frequently cited their extra time in the morning as a period where they could gather their thoughts and plan for success throughout the day.

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