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MedSpring Open Thanksgiving at Select Centers

Thanksgiving Meal

There’s something special in the air: cornbread, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and of course, lots and lots of turkey. Must be Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family, but if the in-laws give you a headache you can’t shake or there’s an accident with the turducken, MedSpring will be here if you need us.

We are open on Thanksgiving Day, 8am to 5pm at select locations in your area, because sometimes life just happens.

MedSpring Thanksgiving Day Openings

Austin Centers Open Thanksgiving

Open Thanksgiving in Austin
Anderson Mill Cedar Park Central Austin
Round Rock South Congress

Dallas Centers Open Thanksgiving

Open Thanksgiving in Dallas
Knox Henderson Waterside Keller Las Colinas

Chicago Center Open Thanksgiving

Open Thanksgiving in Chicago

Houston Centers Open Thanksgiving

Open Thanksgiving in Houston
Kingwood Memorial River Oaks
Heights Katy

Bonus: Top 3 Tips for Avoiding Sickness This Thanksgiving

    1. No one wants to feel sick around the holidays, but with the weather, traveling and added stress, sickness can creep up. Here are some easy tips for staying in tip-top shape come turkey day.

    2. Wash Your Hands

If you plan on traveling for Thanksgiving, be sure to wash your hands frequently. Airports, train and bus stations put you in contact with large groups of people, which means your risk of disease goes up. Both stomach illnesses and the seasonal flu peak around the holiday season, so washing hands is a must to stay healthy!

    1. Throw It in the Fridge

Never let any food sit out unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours—this is the point at which harmful bacteria start to multiply rapidly. For longer buffet-style parties, set a timer to remind yourself, then swap the food for a fresh set from the refrigerator once you reach the 120-minute mark.

    1. Cook the Nog

Got eggnog on your cooking list? Be sure to heat any mixture containing raw eggs to at least 160 degrees and refrigerate immediately. Here’s an easy, food safe recipe. Also, be sure to choose pasteurized apple cider since raw, unpasteurized cider may carry E.coli and other harmful bacteria.

Stay safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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