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10 Things You Need To Know About the Flu

Flu shots are in clinics at MedSpring Urgent Care centers across Austin, Dallas, and Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL and flu season will (unfortunately) arrive before we know it.  That means it’s time to walk in to your nearest clinic and get protected with a flu shot. There’s quite a few misconceptions out there, so …
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A Big List of Ways to Get or Stay Fit in Austin, TX

Austin is a fit city, there’s no doubt about it.  Whether you live south, central or up north near Round Rock, there’s an ever growing list of gyms and fit activities for all types of work outs. Below we have some of our favorite ways to get or stay fit here in Austin, TX. Across …
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The Ins, Outs & Itches About Poison Ivy and Oak Rash

Leaves of three, let it be.  Say it, memorize it, repeat it – the phrase may save you some itchy, uncomfortable days.  What “leaves of three, let it be” means is to avoid plants with three leaves – they could likely be poisonous, like poison ivy or poison oak. How can I tell if a …
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Keller (DFW) Grand Opening w/ Free Snow Cones & Gift Cards

MedSpring is so excited to further expand into the DFW metroplex with our Keller center, so we’re hosting a Grand Opening – details below.   The MedSpring Urgent Care – Keller, TX location is located right off Main Street and Keller Parkway, at 104 S Main St.  The newest MedSpring center will serve as a convenient …
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8 Tips for Staying Healthy and Avoiding Germs at the Airport

Airports and airplanes can be packed with germs, due to the thousands of travelers going into and out of airports every day.  It’s important to stay germ-free and healthy when traveling so that your vacation isn’t ruined. Below are some tips and reminders to help you stay healthy while traveling: Get a good night’s sleep …
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10 Ways to Burn Calories & Work Your Heart This Summer

Despite changing summer schedules and the hot summer sun, don’t let this time of year interfere with your fitness routine.  In fact, it’s the ideal time to try new sports and changing up your fitness routine.  If you’re normally a runner, try swimming this summer.   If you’re normally into soccer, try another quick paced team …
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The Heat is On: 6 Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

Six steps to better your health during summer months Summer is officially upon us, which for many of us means extra time outdoors, basking in swimming pools, enjoying hikes, and much more. However, it also means you’re more exposed to certain illnesses, allergies, and infections. Wondering how you can take advantage of the summer sunshine while …
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