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MedSpring Urgent Care Opens in Katy at Falcon Landing

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest location in Katy, Texas at Cinco Ranch. MedSpring Falcon Landing is located at 9722 Gaston Road at Falcon Landing Boulevard, the center is situated in the new Stableside at Falcon Landing Lifestyle Center, next to Kroger – scheduled to be open soon. This new shopping …
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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Sniffley, sneezy and just plain miserable? No this isn’t one of those corny, late-night infomercials. And, no we’re not trying to sell you any cough medicine. We just want to help you understand if the reason you’re feeling under the weather is the common cold or the much more serious flu. Both the cold and …
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MedSpring Urgent Care Opens Newest Austin Center on Burnet Road

MedSpring Urgent Care celebrates the opening of its new location in Austin, Texas. The center is located at 7212 Burnet Road in the Allandale neighborhood in North Central Austin. MedSpring Burnet Road is the company’s ninth urgent care facility in the greater Austin area with additional centers in Anderson Mill, Barton Springs, Cedar Park, Central, Round …
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Beginner’s Guide to Getting (and Staying) in Shape

So you’ve decided that this will be the year you put down the remote, fire up the treadmill and finally achieve that Chris Helmsworth physique (think Thor not Captain Kirk). Good for you! While you might never fully morph into the god of thunder himself, you’re on an important path towards ensuring life-long health and well-being. …
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10 things you never knew about sleep

With Daylight Saving Time you may be feeling the effects of adjusting your sleep schedule. Most of us barely get enough rest as it is so adjusting your schedule can throw one more wrench into your routine. Turns out, a lack of Zzzz’s poses health risks too. This study shows that if you get 6 or less …
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6 tips for choosing the right health plan for you

It’s open enrollment time already? It seems like the time to pick a new health plan comes faster each year. And each year it feels more challenging to determine what you will need and what you can afford as the healthcare landscape changes and insurance plans evolve their options. We’ve canvassed some of the major …
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All About Flu Shots

With unlimited resources at our fingertips, it’s difficult finding relevant and reliable information on the internet – that’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know about flu shots. You can usually find a website to support just about anything. Is Big Foot real? Sure is, according to several sites out there. (Who knew?!) Finding trustworthy information, …
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Your ACL Last Minute Checklist

It’s time again for Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival here in beautiful Austin, Texas! New to ACL? New to Austin? Check out this last-minute guide from our ACL veterans before you go! Make sure you can get in: ACL security is strict and the company works hard to innovate ways to make sure those attending …
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Hay Fever or Cedar Fever ?

People refer to them by different names: Hay Fever, Spring Fever, Cedar Fever or Seasonal Allergies. Regardless of what you call them they all explain the same medical condition causing those itchy, watery or burning eyes, the stuffed up nose and constant sneezing or coughing. It is all due to your body’s reaction to an inflammation of the nasal airways …
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