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Medical Pickup Lines for Your Valentine

With the season of love coming up, we couldn’t help but curate a fun list of medical (read: nerdy) pickup lines.  Whether you’re dating / married to / friends with / just met someone in the medical field, or just appreciate a good pun, we hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day themed pickup lines.  Feel …
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Feel Good Friday: February 6, 2015

This blog is just what it sounds like: a compilation of a few feel good stories.  Every month, we’ll curate the top inspiring or make-you-smile medical or health-related stories in our Feel Good Friday blog. Do you know of any feel good stories? Share them with us – we’re on Facebook and Twitter or by …
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MedSpring – Wicker Park Grand Opening Event

You’re formally, cordially, and cheerfully invited to attend MedSpring Urgent Care – Wicker Park’s Open House on February 19, 2015 from 5:30 pm until 7 pm.   Location: 1520 N Damen Ave (Click here to get directions on Google Maps) We’ll show off our new urgent care center, hand out free hand warmers and pizza and have …
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Common STD Questions: Herpes Edition

Awareness is key when it comes to preventing and treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Let’s review some of the key questions around one of the common types of STIs: herpes. Read on to get answers about herpes. How can you tell if someone has herpes? Unless someone is experiencing a herpes outbreak via a visible …
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Houston’s Top Active or Running Events in 2015

Houston, we have a list of ways for you to be active! From runs ending in a chocolate buffet (Yes. And chocolate fountains.) to a Wipe Out inspired fun run, Houston has some creative races! Are there any runs we missed? What runs are you participating in this year? Let us know on Facebook or …
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Chicago’s Top Active Events or Runs in 2015

If there’s one thing this list of top fun runs in Chicago proves, it’s that Chicagoans aren’t afraid to race in the cold.   Many of these half marathons and marathons take place around winter time, and part of the allure to finishing the race is being able to prove you’re tough enough. Chicago is an …
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Sinus Infections: What They’re Really Like, Via Memes

Accurate Portrayal of Sinus Infections through Memes If you’re familiar with the symptoms and pain of suffering a sinus infection, these memes are for you.  You may find them share-worthy when trying to explain your sinus pain to someone who has never had a sinus infection before. Do you have funny sinus infection memes or …
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Austin and San Marcos’ Top Active Events or Runs in 2015

We all know a good majority of New Year’s Resolutions revolve around either adopting healthier habits, losing weight, or exercising more.  One way to ensure you stay active is by signing up for active events or runs; it gives you motivation and a tangible deadline for your goal. Here’s some of 2015’s top running events …
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