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Sinus Infections: What They’re Really Like, Via Memes

Accurate Portrayal of Sinus Infections through Memes

If you’re familiar with the symptoms and pain of suffering a sinus infection, these memes are for you.  You may find them share-worthy when trying to explain your sinus pain to someone who has never had a sinus infection before.

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  1. The Buzz Lightyear mucus everywhere meme
  2. Major sinus discharge is unfortunately one of the main symptoms of a sinus infection.  And sometimes, the mucus may be greenish enough to match Buzz’ suit.

    buzz lightyear mucus everywhere meme to post


  3. The unexpected sinus infection meme
  4. What is extremely frustrating about sinus infections is that many times, you may think your symptoms are just from a cold or allergies.  Then, you experience the common sinus pain of a sinus infection… and you know it’s not just a cold. (If you’re unsure what you have or need treatment, visit a doctor so you can get better!)

    allergies sinus infection meme


  5. The Office Space “that’d be great” sinus infection meme
  6. Bill Lumbergh an overbearing boss from the 1999 film Office Space who follows requests to his employees with a drawn out and un-motivating, “that would be great.”

    office space sinus infection meme

    Share this meme if you’d like to unenthusiastically encourage your sinus infection to go away.

  7. The always blowing your nose meme
  8. This little invention’s target audience is someone with a sinus infection because of their symptoms: runny noses and postnasal drip.  More tissues, please?

    toilet roll attached to head meme

  9. The congested accent meme
  10. Congestion and a stuffy nose are other symptoms that often accompany a sinus infection, which sometimes makes your voice sound unusual.
    awkward sinus infection meme

    Share this meme if someone has ever asked about your accent when it was just from a sinus infection.

All humor aside, remember to check in with a doctor if you have a sinus infection lasting for weeks, that’s recurring, or if you’re worried about your symptoms.

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