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Cedar Fever

Hay Fever or Cedar Fever ?

People refer to them by different names: Hay Fever, Spring Fever, Cedar Fever or Seasonal Allergies. Regardless of what you call them they all explain the same medical condition causing those itchy, watery or burning eyes, the stuffed up nose and constant sneezing or coughing. It is all due to your body’s reaction to an inflammation of the nasal airways …
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allergy written on a chalkboard

How to Survive Allergy Season: Trivia Q&A

The more you know… the better you avoid allergies?  Knowledge is key when it comes to surviving allergy season happily and healthily. Take this quiz to learn what potential allergen triggers are, the start and end of allergy season, symptoms of allergies and how to prevent allergies.   (Answers are at the bottom of this post.) …
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at-home tips to manage a sinus infection

5 At-Home Remedies To Manage Sinus Infections

Whenever you have questions about your sinus infection, we recommend you visit a doctor. Treatment for a sinus infection often entails antihistamines, nasal sprays or antibiotics.  The doctor may also recommend at-home treatments to treat your sinus infections which may include some of the following remedies.  Keep in mind that the goal of treating a …
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toilet roll attached to head meme

Sinus Infections: What They’re Really Like, Via Memes

Accurate Portrayal of Sinus Infections through Memes If you’re familiar with the symptoms and pain of suffering a sinus infection, these memes are for you.  You may find them share-worthy when trying to explain your sinus pain to someone who has never had a sinus infection before. Do you have funny sinus infection memes or …
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