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Flu Season Ahead

Best Way to Beat the Flu? Get a Flu Shot!

A man walks into his doctor’s office sweaty and feverish. The receptionist looks over at him and asks, “flu?” “No”, the man says, “I actually drove here.” The real flu, however, is certainly nothing to sneeze at! It’s a potentially life-threatening illness that affects a large chunk of Americans each season. In fact, the CDC …
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Items in Medicine Cabinet

7 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Did you know? This year alone Americans will get an average of three colds and suffer through 20 million cases of stomach flu. While you can’t always keep from getting sick, you can be ready to treat illness and injuries when they come your way. Be sure to keep these seven must-haves in your medicine …
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Woman Sneezing

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Sniffley, sneezy and just plain miserable? No this isn’t one of those corny, late-night infomercials. And, no we’re not trying to sell you any cough medicine. We just want to help you understand if the reason you’re feeling under the weather is the common cold or the much more serious flu. Both the cold and …
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toilet roll attached to head meme

Sinus Infections: What They’re Really Like, Via Memes

Accurate Portrayal of Sinus Infections through Memes If you’re familiar with the symptoms and pain of suffering a sinus infection, these memes are for you.  You may find them share-worthy when trying to explain your sinus pain to someone who has never had a sinus infection before. Do you have funny sinus infection memes or …
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man with thermometer in mouth, has cold

How to Beat a Summer Cold

Most people associate colds with the winter, but a different kind of cold can have you feeling under the weather during the summer – the dreaded summer cold. Our Chief Medical Officer Jon L. Belsher, M.D. recently offered tips to Chicago’s Arlington Cardinal about cooling down a summer cold. Here’s a quick summary of what …
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Five Winter Ailments That May Have You Feeling Under The Weather

Winter is officially upon us, which means common seasonal health problems will begin to affect people across the country. Whether you’re facing cold weather or hosting your family for the holidays, an array of illnesses, ailments and injuries might land you in an urgent care clinic this winter. Get a head start on staying healthy …
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Do I Have the Cold or Flu?

To those of you who have managed to stay cough and sniffle-free this year, we applaud you!  Across the country, people of all ages are suffering from colds or the flu in record numbers.  In fact, experts are predicting this will be the worst flu season of the last decade.  Doctors’ offices and emergency rooms …
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