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5 ways an urgent care differs from an ER

Urgent care vs. emergency room: what are the real differences? Are they different? In this blog, we explore some of the key differences between the two medical facilities.  An urgent care is for NON-EMERGENT medical concerns. While this may sound obvious, an urgent care can treat minor emergencies and illnesses – like the flu, upper …
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Comparing Primary Care and Urgent Care

Understanding the role of your primary care physician can help you decide when urgent care is a good option to supplement your care.   Consumers have a lot of choices when seeking healthcare. In-store clinics, concierge services and even tele-health provide an ecosystem of convenient medical possibilities from which to choose. While having an expanded …
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When to Skip the ER – Top Tips

Knowing when to visit an Urgent Care Center will save you time and money Texas area emergency rooms are no stranger to the issue of overcrowding and long wait times. For many people, the immediate reaction in the face of an illness or injury is to head for the ER.  While appropriate when the patient’s …
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Sledding Mishap? When to go to Immediate Care or ER

CEO Heath Schiesser recently spoke to the Naperville Sun about how MedSpring differentiates itself from other Immediate Care Centers, and the importance of having a primary care doctor.  To read more of his comments, click here:

Top Tips: When to Skip the ER

The Katy News recently published an article written by MedSpring’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jon Belsher, M.D. The article provided useful tips on how an Urgent Care Center can save you time and money. For the full article, click the link below.

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