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All About Flu Shots

With unlimited resources at our fingertips, it’s difficult finding relevant and reliable information on the internet – that’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know about flu shots. You can usually find a website to support just about anything. Is Big Foot real? Sure is, according to several sites out there. (Who knew?!) Finding trustworthy information, …
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10 things to know about the flu 2015 - 1016 edition

10 Things You Need To Know About the Flu

Flu shots are in clinics at MedSpring Urgent Care centers across Austin, Dallas, and Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL and flu season will (unfortunately) arrive before we know it.  That means it’s time to walk in to your nearest clinic and get protected with a flu shot. There’s quite a few misconceptions out there, so …
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Doctor Giving Male Patient Injection

Why You Should Get the Flu Vaccine This Year

Last year was one of the worst flu seasons in over a decade, causing some American cities to declare a public health emergency. The seasonal flu hospitalizes thousands each year and even causes a number of deaths. As a physician, I find it especially concerning to read reports of widespread influenza outbreak across the U.S., …
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