Best Flu Memes – 2018/19 Edition

While the flu and seasonal sickness is no joke, we like to take a light hearted approach to encourage our patients to get their annual flu shot (it’s not too late!), see a doctor when sick, and avoid public places when you’re ill.  Here’s some of our favorite flu and sick memes for this year: …
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Vaccines We Offer at MedSpring & Why They’re Important

In different situations, vaccinations can work to prevent disease or lessen the severity of symptoms of a particular disease.  Our doctors recommend staying up-to-date with vaccinations, and paying particular attention if you are around certain individuals with compromised or developing immune systems.  We make it easy to stay current with these four vaccinations because at …
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Fight Back Flu Shot Image

Free Flu Shots at MedSpring McKinney Texas

Hurry in to MedSpring Urgent Care in McKinney, Texas to get your free flu shot and fight the flu this year. Flu season starts October and the best way to guarantee you stay happy, healthy and flu-proof this fall is by getting your yearly vaccine! McKinney Free Flu Shot Week Stop by MedSpring in McKinney …
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Flu Season Ahead

Best Way to Beat the Flu? Get a Flu Shot!

A man walks into his doctor’s office sweaty and feverish. The receptionist looks over at him and asks, “flu?” “No”, the man says, “I actually drove here.” The real flu, however, is certainly nothing to sneeze at! It’s a potentially life-threatening illness that affects a large chunk of Americans each season. In fact, the CDC …
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Items in Medicine Cabinet

7 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Did you know? This year alone Americans will get an average of three colds and suffer through 20 million cases of stomach flu. While you can’t always keep from getting sick, you can be ready to treat illness and injuries when they come your way. Be sure to keep these seven must-haves in your medicine …
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Woman Sneezing

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Sniffley, sneezy and just plain miserable? No this isn’t one of those corny, late-night infomercials. And, no we’re not trying to sell you any cough medicine. We just want to help you understand if the reason you’re feeling under the weather is the common cold or the much more serious flu. Both the cold and …
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10 things to know about the flu 2015 - 1016 edition

10 Things You Need To Know About the Flu

Flu shots are in clinics at MedSpring Urgent Care centers across Austin, Dallas, and Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL and flu season will (unfortunately) arrive before we know it.  That means it’s time to walk in to your nearest clinic and get protected with a flu shot. There’s quite a few misconceptions out there, so …
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The Best Flu Shot Memes Out There: A Definitive Round Up

We scoured the Internet (…Google…) for the best in flu shot memes this year to hopefully encourage some of you who haven’t already to get your flu shots.   Tweet us your own funny flu shot memes or quotes if you have them @MedSpring, and if you haven’t already, head to your nearest MedSpring and get …
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Doctor Giving Male Patient Injection

Top 5 Places to Get Flu Information

Is anyone else noticing the growing debate of: to flu shot, or not to flu shot through their news sources or social media accounts?  As awareness of influenza grows which is a good thing, misconceptions or mini-myths can start to emerge.  At MedSpring, we want you to be armed with solid resources to make smart …
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Five Winter Ailments That May Have You Feeling Under The Weather

Winter is officially upon us, which means common seasonal health problems will begin to affect people across the country. Whether you’re facing cold weather or hosting your family for the holidays, an array of illnesses, ailments and injuries might land you in an urgent care clinic this winter. Get a head start on staying healthy …
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