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10 things you never knew about sleep

With Daylight Saving Time you may be feeling the effects of adjusting your sleep schedule. Most of us barely get enough rest as it is so adjusting your schedule can throw one more wrench into your routine. Turns out, a lack of Zzzz’s poses health risks too. This study shows that if you get 6 or less …
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Let’s talk about food: tips to eat healthy

Adult obesity is on the rise and not only does it affect our health, but it’s affecting our wallets too. The less active we are, the more we spend on healthcare. The State of Obesity notes that sedentary adults pay $1500 more per year in healthcare costs than physically active adults. With the obesity rate …
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top active events in houston 2015

Houston’s Top Active or Running Events in 2015

Houston, we have a list of ways for you to be active! From runs ending in a chocolate buffet (Yes. And chocolate fountains.) to a Wipe Out inspired fun run, Houston has some creative races! Are there any runs we missed? What runs are you participating in this year? Let us know on Facebook or …
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annual health checklist for adults

Annual Health Checklist for Adults

Sometimes we may avoid annual health check-ups because we’re just too busy or don’t have time to research what preventative care steps we need to take.  At MedSpring, we’re all about convenience and your health, so we tried to make it easy for you to stay on top of your health in 2015. We’ve compiled …
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smart health goals for 2015

5 SMART Health Goals for 2015

New year, new you, right? (…Not that you need to become “new”!) When January rolls around, many people find themselves re-inspired and set off the New Year with ambitious goals. Despite the best of intentions, only 8% of people actually achieve those New Year’s goals. There are many reasons why most people don’t follow through …
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