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The Best Flu Shot Memes Out There: A Definitive Round Up

We scoured the Internet (…Google…) for the best in flu shot memes this year to hopefully encourage some of you who haven’t already to get your flu shots.   Tweet us your own funny flu shot memes or quotes if you have them @MedSpring, and if you haven’t already, head to your nearest MedSpring and get your flu shot!

1.  The success kid.

Okay, we know no one ENJOYS getting a vaccination, no matter what kind.  But getting the flu shot is something you need to do to protect yourself and others from getting sick this season.  We can probably all relate to the success kid feeling of accomplishment after getting that flu shot this year.  #Yes

flu shot success kid

2.  Angry cat flu meme

High school and college students can relate to the notion that ANY sort of sickness before or during finals week is just unacceptable.  And, since the flu normally spikes in winter (around final seasons), it is very possible.  Don’t let the flu mess with your finals’ schedules, and get vaccinated as soon as you can!

flu meme angry cat

3.  Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling flu meme

We’re sure flu shot participation would be much higher if Ryan Gosling were giving all of the vaccinations.  Did we mention Ryan Gosling will be at MedSpring administering flu shots this year?  No?  …It’s because he won’t be.

flu meme hey girl

4.  Winter is coming meme.

Before winter (and high flu season) hits, get your flu vaccine!  (Disclaimer: if you haven’t seen the Game of Thrones TV show, this meme may not be as humorous to you, but the message is still valid. )

flu meme winter is coming

5.  The flu work excuse

With more companies combining sick days with vacation days into just paid time off (PTO), why would you want to use a sick day to get over the flu when it could be used as a vacation day?  Get the flu shot, and use all your PTO for vacation you deserve.

flu meme work excuse

6.  Don’t spread the flu

The CDC provides this visual reminding everyone getting an influenza vaccine isn’t just about you: it’s about everyone around you as well.  Vaccination protects you and prevents you from spreading the flu.

flu meme cdc

For flu shots and more, MedSpring is here for you.

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