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Top 5 Places to Get Flu Information

Is anyone else noticing the growing debate of: to flu shot, or not to flu shot through their news sources or social media accounts?  As awareness of influenza grows which is a good thing, misconceptions or mini-myths can start to emerge.  At MedSpring, we want you to be armed with solid resources to make smart decisions about getting flu shots and be able to dispel those mini-myths you may encounter.

A few helpful resources to get information about flu vaccinations:

1.       The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s website: this really could be the only resource you need.  The easy-to-use CDC Flu page makes it easy-to-find answers to any common (or obscure) flu-related question you may have.

2.       A complete list of who should and who should not get the flu shot: housed within the CDC’s flu center, this list is worth calling out alone.  While the flu shot is recommended by the CDC for most persons aged 6 months or older, there are some rare exceptions – please consult the list and your doctor if you are one of the exceptions.  And, for those leery of getting the flu shot, the list will reassure you how strongly recommended it is to get the vaccination.

3.       The HealthMap Vaccine Finder: this free tool (also known as the “where do I get my flu shot finder?”) allows you to look up locations nearby your zip code offering immunizations.

screenshot of where to get austin tx flu vaccines

4.       Trending flu data: if you love data, or are looking for another convincing reason to get the flu shot, the FluView dashboard will show you how many flu tests have tested positive for a certain time period.

5.       Ongoing flu updates: with a wealth of information out there, it’s always best to consult back with the CDC for any updates.  (For example, there’s quite a few updated documents about vaccine safety and pregnant women.)

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