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What’re Occupational, or Employee, Health Programs All About?

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  • What is it?

Occupational health, or occupational medicine, focuses on workplace health and wellness.  These programs work to prevent, evaluate and treat health conditions caused by the workplace environment.

  • What types of occupational health services does MedSpring provide?

–  Pre and post offer physical exams to determine capability of an employee to perform certain job functions

–  DOT and Non-DOT drug screening

–  DOT and Non-DOT breath alcohol tests

–  Workplace injury and illness care

–  Various immunizations (Influenza, Hepatitis T, Tetanus)

–  EKGs

–  Chest X-rays

–  And more

  • Why do employers need an occupational health provider?

Federal law mandates that companies take responsibility for any injuries that happen while on the job.  Employers should use an occupational health provider they trust so, they can keep their employees healthy and minimize the time out of office.  Imagine if, as an employer, you send an employee to a medical facility that’s unorganized and has a long wait.  The employee will be out of the office longer than necessary and paperwork may be lost.

  • How do I (as a patient) pay for occupational health services?

If you’re seeking injury care from a work-related injury, you as a patient do not have to pay the medical bill.  Your employer is required to pay for medical treatment for work-related injuries through their own worker’s compensation insurance or other payment.

Note: certain circumstances remove payment responsibility of these types of injuries from your employer to you.  For example, if you had an injury at work but failed a drug or breath alcohol test the next day, your employer would no longer have to cover the medical bill.  Or, if the injury happened while you were doing something prohibited at the workplace, your employer would not have to pay.

  • Why should employers work with MedSpring as one of their occupational health providers?

As an employer, you want your employees to have the best quality care, in a prompt fashion, in a comfortable setting.  MedSpring has physicians on-site every single day who are consistently rated 4.9/5 stars.

  • What types of employers does MedSpring currently work with?

MedSpring works with all types of companies to provide occupational health services.  We work with both big and small companies, governmental and non-governmental companies, private and public companies, transportation companies, and many more.

If you’re interesting in using MedSpring as one of your occupational health providers, give our team a call or visit the site – we can’t wait to be in touch!

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